The Charles Davis Foundation offers
inner city youth positive role models,
programs, activities, resources and
opportunities that build character
and self esteem.

Our mission is to empower inner city
youth and families to reach their full potential through:



CDF was founded in 1982 by Charles Davis as a fulfillment of a childhood promise to God. He vowed that if he "got out" of the Tony Sudekum / University Court "projects" that he would come back to help others.
Remaining true to this vow, the Charles Davis Foundation has been providing programs to fulfill its mission "to empower inner city youth to reach their full potential through positive, educational, athletic, cultural, and economic development" for 22 years. Through our programs, we achieve this mission. We serve approximately 1200
youth per year.

Giving Back to Our Future

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 The Charles Davis Foundation, 615 Main Street, Nashville, Tennessee, 37206 - Telephone: (615)254-0396 - Email: